Who are we

BJS Web Design is a small business based in Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast. We design websites for small to medium sized businesses and take care of the setup and hosting of the website. We only do exactly what is necessary for your business without wasting time and money creating irrelevant bells and whistles that so many web design companies onsell to their clients. By being efficient in what we do and only focusing on what the client needs, means we can deliver the results your after in the most cost effective manner.

Why we're different

We've found that there is a huge void between the cheap and nasty web designers and the top of the line, expensive digital agencies.

The cheap web desingers are often overseas operations. They have a lack of understanding of the English language and this filters through to the websites they build. They have the ability to develop a website but don't have the flexibility required to build a website that is individually tailored to suit your business. There is also a lack of accountability down the track. In general, they have proven to be extremely unreliable.

The digital agencies that are based in Australia can provide a good service but it's an expensive service. This may be a good fit for large companies that require everything from social media management through to marketing campaigns but this just isn't necessary for many businesses and isn't good value for money. For most small to medium sized businesses, the main goal should be to get your name and message out there clearly, so new and old customers can get in contact with you.

BJS Web Design fills the void. We develop clear websites in a cost effective manner. Our business model relies on maintaining a good relationship with our clients, so it is neseccary for us to have happy customers.

Hours: 7AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday

Phone: 0422 072 693

Email: bjswebdesignsc@gmail.com